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Gladstone Suns - Code of Conduct


The Gladstone Suns football club is a proud club with great people.
We are a family club who value our players, coaches and supporters and welcome new players and families.



  • Coaches are required to sign the AFL Code of Conduct as part of the Level 1 Accreditation requirement. 

  • All coaches must be accredited to coach in our League.




  • Lead by example

  • Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat

  • Play by the rules – the rules of our club and the laws of the game

  • Treat umpires and officials with respect - without these people, you can’t play football

  • Control your temper and emotions - verbal abuse of officials or other players doesn’t help you enjoy or win games.

  • Put the team first – It’s a team game, treat it that way

  • Treat all players with the same respect as you would like to be treated

  • Listen to your coach and accept advice, they are there for your development 

  • Play for your own enjoyment & to improve your skills.

  • Hold others to account when not meeting these expectations




  • Remember that you are there for the participants to enjoy the game

  • Encourage participation, but don’t force it

  • Teach that enjoyment is more important than winning

  • Supporters are there to support - not to downgrade

  • Lead by example and respect all players, coaches, umpires and spectators –  abuse will not be tolerated

  • Recognise all volunteers who are giving up their valuable time

  • Never publicly criticise umpires – raise personal concerns with club officials in private

  • If you see something that is needed, help out – be part of the solution not adding to the problem

  • Remind others of our Code of Conduct and encourage them to respect our club if out of line




  • Dress standard – Club Colours, club shorts, enclosed shoes, neat and presentable

  • Stay hydrated and well fuelled before your game and manage your fatigue

  • Absolutely no alcohol to be consumed prior to, or during any games for anyone in any official game day role or as a registered player.

  • Gladstone Suns has a zero tolerance for other drugs, anyone who is reasonably considered to be under the influence, or has in their possession any substances, will be required to leave and may be referred to the Police.

    All players, coaches and supporters are all representing the Gladstone Suns Football Club whenever they are wearing club colours.  Wear your club colours with pride and be a good ambassador at all times.

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