Gladstone Suns Ladies Team

Our proud
Suns Women


The fastest-growing female sport in Australia today - is AFL.
We are super proud of our pioneering Gladstone Suns Women's programme and nothing is going to stand in these girls way of becoming the most successful AFL side in Capricornia.


You want commitment?

Come and see these girls take to the field. The word 'inspirational' is never far from supporters lips.

It's more than OK if you've never played before, we're keen to teach you everything from the rules of play

to how to take a 'speckie' and kick a 'sausage roll!'

If you're keen to come and have a go... we're always on the lookout for players, supporters or administrators.
No matter your commitment, we would love to welcome you to the team.
Afterall... it's how
lifelong friendships are formed. 

Get in contact with us for more information

Or - jump straight in - can't wait to see you at training!!